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Jamroom Mobile

Jamroom Mobile License Required
Provider: The Jamroom Network
Version: 1.3.5   (minimum Jamroom version: 4.2.3)
Updated: 07/13/12 14:23
File Size: 67.6 kb
The Jamroom Mobile Module adds a Mobile Site to your Jamroom for your viewers that are coming to your Jamroom using the latest Smart phones (i.e. iPhone, iPod Touch, Blackberry, Opera Mobile, etc.). It is 100% template based so can be modified to suit your look and feel, and features real Mobile Streaming of audio (i.e. the user does not have to wait for the entire MP3 to download before it starts to play) on those devices that support it.

"Out of the Box", the Jamroom Mobile module will create a mobile optimized site that is best viewed on the latest iOS devices (such as iPhone, iPod) as well as Android devices - any mobile phone with a Javascript enabled browser should work well.

The module also supports progressive streaming - i.e. the listener does not have to fully download an audio file before it starts playing - on iOS and Android devices.

A Demo of the Jamroom Mobile Module can be seen here:


The Jamroom Mobile module is fully customizable using the same Smarty templates that are already used in Jamroom, and out of the box maintains the same design elements used in Jamroom's "Nova" skin.

The Jamroom Mobile by default provides links to browse:

  • artists

  • songs

  • videos (if the Jamroom Power Pack is installed)

  • clubs (if the Jamroom Club Guide is installed) - including "finding clubs near me" option.

  • mobile optimized profiles for your artists

  • Mobile Signup and Login

  • Mobile Search

  • Browse Full Site (if enabled)

It also allows you to automatically redirect mobile browsers to the mobile site, as well as features PercentMobile integration for mobile analytics:


The Jamroom Mobile module is a powerful and configurable add-on for your Jamroom!

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