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Jamroom 4 Modules

Jamroom 4 modules are no longer for sale, and do not work with Jamroom 5!

facebookApp (Price Reduced)

facebookApp (Price Reduced) License Required
Provider: Prayas Digital
Version: 1.2.0   (minimum Jamroom version: 4.2.5)
Updated: 06/07/13 12:15
File Size: 715.8 kb
Price reduced by $10 for next 5 purchases. So grab your copy today.
This module allows to create facebook app of your Jamroom site. We have paid special attention to the user interface to provide friction less browsing. Check it out yourself. A live demo of this module can visited at http://apps.facebook.com/jamroomapp/. SSL is required. Please make sure that you have SSL support before purchasing this app...

Mobile Site Mobile Module

Mobile Site Mobile Module License Required
Provider: Prayas Digital
Version: 1.0   (minimum Jamroom version: 4)
Updated: 01/27/13 12:07
File Size: 259 b
This module will create a new site that is optimized for high end mobile phones such as Apple iPhone, iPods and Android phones. This module has been created entirely using jQuery Mobile Javascript Framework and Soundmanager 2.0 player for playing audios. Only embedded youtube videos are supported at this time. It also includes advance picture gallery. The price of the module includes our guaranteed installation su...

Jamroom Album Ranking

Jamroom Album Ranking License Required
Provider: Prayas Digital
Version: 1.0.0   (minimum Jamroom version: Jamroom 4)
Updated: 05/18/12 05:19
File Size: 17.1 kb
The Album Ranking Module adds an additional 'album' mode to the existing Jamroom ranking function. It uses the information stored in Jamroom's 'song_info' database table to display information about albums in your Jamroom website. Both priority ($15) and standard (via Jamroom Forum) installation help are available.

Live Demo : http://www.dhakatopi.net/index.php?t=albums&module=albums

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