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We have teamed up with several High Quality Hosting providers that offer full support for Jamroom and all of its functions. Each of the following hosting providers has been tested by our team to ensure that every Jamroom feature works without issue. Each of these hosting providers is committed to supporting Jamroom - if you have any questions about the hosting plans being offered, please make sure and contact the respective company.

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Root Baron
Root Baron
The mythical hoster of sites and builder of webs, also offering media streaming and Internet radio.
If you are looking for a self managed server, Linode offers the most powerful VPS servers for the money
JBServers.net - Internet Services Professionals
JBServers.net - Internet Services Professionals
The Original Jamroom hosting partner, JBServers has been involved with Jamroom from the very beginning and offers powerful hosting with a completely customized Jamroom setup.
Note: Talldude Networks LLC. is not part of any of the Hosting Providers listed here - if you have any questions about the hosting providers offerings, please make sure and contact the respective company with your questions.
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