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Jamroom can easily be configured to allow your users to "embed" YouTube® (and other embeddable online media) directly into their profile pages:
  • First, decide which Jamroom Quota(s) will have the ability to embed the videos (or other external media).
  • Next, go into the Admin Menu → Browse Quotas → "Modify" the Jamroom Quota you would like to add this ability to.
  • Click on the "Extra Features" tab in the Jamroom Quota Config, and make the following configuration changes:
    • Make sure the "Allow HTML" setting is set to "yes"
    • Make sure the "Allowed HTML Tags" includes the following additional tags:
  • If you want to embed flash videos with the HTML editor turned on ("Allow Editor" is set to "on"), make sure that you insert the HTML code via the "HTML" button in the upper left hand corner of the editor.  Make sure that you click on the "update" button when finished in the HTML source window.
  • Save your Changes to the Jamroom Quota

That's it - your artist's will now be able to embed YouTube® videos into any textarea entry box that allows HTML (Jamroom tells you to the left of the form fields which fields accept HTML).

Jamroom YouTube Module

If you are running Jamroom 4, you can also now use the new Jamroom YouTube module, which allows your users to post their favorite YouTube videos.

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